EZ Grader Calculator

To use EZ Grader Calculator, Fill out the below fields and click on the calculate button.

Percentage Grade
97-100% A+
93-96% A
90-92% A-
87-89% B+
83-86% B
80-82% B-
77-79% C+
73-76% C
70-72% C-
67-69% D+
63-66% D
60-62% D-
Below 60% F

The word EZ stands for easy. The EZ grader calculator is a web-based application that lets you calculate your grades based on the total no. of questions and the total no. of wrong answers. This tool is completely automated, you wouldn't require to do any manual calculation. This tool is useful and helpful for students and for those who are in the field of teaching.

To use this EZ Grader calculator, all you have to do is enter the total no. of question and the total no. of wrong question and the rest of the job will be done by the tool.

Grades are a way to represent the performance of student and grades are respresented in the form of alphabets. For example, the student that has received "A" grade in the exam would be considered topper and the student that has recieved "D" would be considered average.

The popularity and usage of the Grading system has been increased significantly compared to the traditional numerical system.

Earlier, the majority of schools and universities used to rely on the numerical system to represent the performance of students but things have been changed in the last few years. The traditional numerical system is now largely being replaced by the grading system.

Nowadays you would find out the grading system across the majority of schools and universities. Its usage has been increased because of easiness. By looking at the grade of the student, you can easily know what percentage the student has got in exams.

To make this process more easier, we developed this EZ Grader Calculator. You don't require any special knowledge to use this tool. We kept this tool simple in terms of user interface and useness has got in exams.