Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is a free tool that let you know the age of the website. To put more simply, It let you know for how long the domain has been in existence.

We made the interface simple and easy to use because we believe in simplicity. Even non-technical person can easily know the age of domain by using this tool. Our tool is much advanced when we compare with it other age checker tools because we show you the age of the domain in Day/Month/Year format instead of just showing it in year format.

As we said, we made our interface very simple and easy to use, so you can use it without facing any complexity. All you have to do is enter the URL of the domain in the above textbox and rest of the job will be done by our tool.

If you want to hear a short answer to this question, then yes it does matter. It is considered one of the important SEO factor for ranking on Google